UC Center for Climate, Health and Equity Webinar

The climate and health impacts of our food systems, from production to consumption

Jun 14, 2023 12:00 PM PT

Pesticide-intensive and animal agriculture contribute to climate change and impact the health of surrounding communities. Plant-based and organic diets and production systems can be nutritious and more equitable, as well as better for the climate.

Join the UC Center for Climate, Health and Equity in exploring new ways of thinking about and taking action on the climate-health crisis. Expert speakers will discuss climate justice and mental health, sea level rise, food systems, and communication for health professionals.

Their 4-part monthly webinar series aims to raise awareness of the impacts of the climate crisis on health and health inequities, with a focus on interdisciplinary discussions of research, policy, advocacy, and clinical solutions.

This webinar series is supported by the UCSF Office of Sustainability as well as the UCSF Academic Senate Committee on Sustainability.

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